Meta Ads for Promoting Healthcare Services

You Can Meta Ads to Grow Your Practice

While we place a heavy emphasis on a practice developing a profitable Google Ads account as their first foray into digital advertising, we do also manage Meta advertising campaigns for businesses that have reached the right stage of development. Facebook and social media advertising in general is a successful marketing channel for businesses that are looking for exposure, awareness and to grow a community of people who are dedicated to their businesses.

Meta Ads is a Great Source of In-Direct Leads

In-direct advertising is a long-term growth strategy that’s designed to bring through leads indirectly through brand awareness and brand credibility. The hope is that a user seeing an ad on Facebook will remember the brand associated with the ad and convert down the road when they require the service. To be clear, we do not recommend Facebook as a source of direct leads. Businesses in need of immediate clients should run ads on a ‘search’ based ad platform meaning that users are actually searching for the service at the time of being shown the ad.

Build a Community While Establishing Brand Awareness for Your Business

Many of our clients are avid blog post writers and are genuinely excited to write and talk about new medical treatments, opinion pieces, industry news etc. These clients are interested in growing an online community that they can discuss this content with regularly – that’s where Facebook advertising comes in. Facebook Advertising can help you grow a community that’s loosely interested in your business who will engage with you on these shared topics on interest. It’s a practice that establishes the reputation of the physician and the credibility of any business they’re associated with. Their main goal is not leads but if some come through indirectly it’s icing on the cake! If this is in-line with your business goals Facebook advertising may be for you.


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