Grow Website Traffic Organically

Grow the Amount of Organic Traffic Reaching Your Site


Make no mistake that growing organic website traffic is a lot of work. Organic traffic is sometimes mistakenly thought of as ‘free’ traffic because the traffic is the result of users organically finding your website as opposed to them finding a paid advertisement. Nevertheless, achieving the organic search rankings required to bring through significant traffic requires generous amounts of both time and money, not to mention a lot of know-how.


Organic Traffic is an Important and Lucrative Marketing Channel to Invest In


Despite the warning above about the amount of time, money and thought that goes into successfully growing the volume of traffic reaching a website, it is still a very valuable channel to invest in. Organic traffic means you won’t have to rely on your paid advertising efforts to bring through new leads. When a website is brand new, it will take the most work to achieve strong rankings, once those rankings are achieved, some work will still be required to maintain them but most practices start to scale back their organic marketing initiatives when they see both consistent rankings for target keywords and consistent leads coming through.


A Website that Attracts Organic Traffic is a Business Asset


It is quite common that our clients are working towards developing a practice they can sell-on when they’re looking to retire. These days, a website with strong organic rankings that brings through a sustainable volume of organic leads is valuable and sought-after asset. Not only is it important to build a website that gets a lot of organic traffic, it’s also important to make sure you are tracking the amount of traffic you’re getting from each channel for valuation purposes and to prove the ROI of your website to potential buyers. With that being said, organic website traffic could help you sell your practice one day.


M.Ad Uses a Combination of Marketing Initiatives to Grow our Clients Organic Traffic

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