Compliant Website Design and Development

HIPAA Compliant Medical Websites


Regulation demands that in the medical services industry Private Health Information needs to be handled delicately online, perhaps even more so than in-person due to the insecure nature of the internet. Many web design and web development firms will build websites for doctors and medical health service providers the same as they would any other client. This is a dangerous oversight. Websites for medical service providers need to conform to certain standards in order to be able to process leads from new patients and information from existing patients. Even indirect medical service providers like medical equipment manufacturers are not exempt from these requirements.


A Website that YOU OWN


Some of our clients are surprised to discover that websites they have had built for them by other web design and web development firms don’t truly ‘belong’ to them. In short, your website should be built on an open-source Content-Management-System so that you can make changes to it whenever you like without having to go through (or pay) a third party when you don’t want to. Not only do the websites we build conform to the highest standards of HIPAA compliance but they are truly YOURS to do with what you like once they’re built. You can add to the site, move the site, or totally erase the site whenever you like and we don’t collect any on-going fees. Unless you commission us to help you make changes to your site – it is fully yours!


Responsive Websites that Work on ALL Device Types


This may sound straight forward and yet we frequently encounter websites that were built without taking mobile devices into consideration. Some of our medical advertising and medical marketing campaigns deliver the highest conversion rates on mobile devices. It is absolutely paramount to a successful medical marketing account to have a fully responsive website that will function seamlessly on devices of all sizes.