Marketing & Advertising Ketamine Treatments

Successful Advertising Strategies that Attracts New Patients


M.Ad specializes in managing high return-on-investment advertising campaigns for lisenced medical health practitioners who offer ketamine treatment. The unparalleled success of our advertising campaigns is largely thanks to our meticulous research not only on the treatment itself but on the demographics of people who tend to be interested in it. We conduct daily research on industry news which helps us determine who the people seeking ketamine treatment are and the best ways to market to them.


We Can Help You Find Patients Who Need Ketamine Treatment


Our iron-clad personas contain demographic research that makes our advertising campaigns wildly successful for our clients. Ketamine Treatment is a unique medical treatment to advertise because it poses some unique challenges from an advertising perspective. Not only is the treatment not FDA approved but there is some remaining stigma surrounding the treatment despite its remarkable performance in credible medical studies at prestigious institutions like the Yale School of Medicine. We know how to overcome these challenges to reach the people who need and want ketamine treatment.


We Do Not Trap Our Clients in Contracts – We Deliver them Results they Can’t Find Elsewhere.


Our clients have not experienced success with online advertising to the degree that they have with us. That is why they leave other advertising agencies to work with us and that is why they choose us again and again with our low-pressure ‘month-to-month’ contracts. We don’t trap our clients, we deliver them results they can’t find elsewhere.