Physiotherapy Marketing & Advertising

Digital Marketing for Physiotherapists


There are many different niches within physiotherapy that we have tailored our digital marketing strategies towards. Massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, movement rehabilitation, intramuscular stimulation and shock wave therapy are just some examples of treatments we have marketed on behalf of physiotherapists. We work with individual physiotherapists to understand their particular niche in the industry so we can research exactly who their target demographic is.


High ROI Physiotherapy Digital Marketing


The accounts we manage for physiotherapists are delivering our clients 40+ phone calls a month which translates to 20+ new patients or revenue of at least $20K depending on whether those patients are coming-in for first time or follow-up appointments. This data is not including ‘referrals’ from those new patients nor does it take into account the ‘lifetime average revenue’ of these patients. This is simply a snapshot of what our clients are making each month through our account management services.


We Do Not Trap Our Clients in Contracts – We Deliver them Results they Can’t Find Elsewhere.


Our clients have not experienced success with online advertising to the degree that they have with us. That is why they leave other advertising agencies to work with us and that is why they choose us again and again with our low-pressure ‘month-to-month’ contracts. We don’t trap our clients, we deliver them results they can’t find elsewhere.


An Exclusivity Clause to Protect Your Interests


Digital marketing is in fact a very geographically targeted marketing channel. For that reason we work with our clients to map out their “target region” and we agree not to work with other practitioners in the same vertical in that area. We do this because it’s honestly challenging to run two accounts, in the same vertical, in the same location. Not only is it a conflict of interests but the results of managing two accounts that compete with one another will be two accounts that function half as well as each of them could.

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