Psychiatry Marketing & Advertising

Tried and True Marketing and Advertising Strategies for Psychiatrists

Many of our existing clients are psychiatrists with small to medium sized practices across the United States and Canada. Our proprietary marketing and advertising strategies have been used to help these psychiatrists grow their businesses. We have a trusted process that can be quickly and efficiently rolled out for psychiatric practices. Results usually start coming in the same week that our campaigns are launched and they grow exponentially the longer they run. As always, there are no contracts, no setup fees and therefore very little risk on our clients part.

Digital Marketing for Psychiatry

Our digital marketing strategies are tailored to each psychiatric practices specific needs. Most of our clients are at very different stages of development. For example, some of our clients are within a few years of retirement and are hoping to use digital marketing both to increase their business revenues in the short term and to bolster the value of their business should they decide to sell it in the future. There are three services we recommend to most psychiatric practices to achieve this end (listed in order of importance): a Google AdWords Campaign, a technical SEO campaign and a Content Optimization campaign. These three services will generate both the paid traffic growth and the organic traffic growth your business can harvest new leads from.

An Exclusivity Clause to Protect Your Interests

Digital marketing is in fact a very geographically targeted marketing channel. For that reason we work with our clients to map out their “target region” and we agree not to work with other practitioners in the same vertical in that area. We do this because it’s honestly challenging to run two accounts, in the same vertical, in the same location. Not only is it a conflict of interests but the results of managing two accounts that compete with one another will be two accounts that function half as well as each of them could.

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