Marketing Telehealth Services

How to Market Telehealth Services

We’re writing this page content in March 2020 – the world is experiencing a global pandemic and telehealth services are in high demand as people try to avoid all in-person interactions. Previously, telehealth services were a convenience that many of the medical service providers we work with offered to select patients when they couldn’t make it into the practice. While all of our clients have been deemed ‘essential service providers’ and are allowed to offer in-office appointments, for the safety of both the patient and the practitioner, they are encouraging as many patients as possible to utilize their telehealth services. We have helped medical service providers across the United States get setup to offer telehealth services to patients around the country. This includes setting up video conferencing software and digital intake forms.

Patients May Need to Be Convinced that Telehealth is Safe and Effective

Marketing and advertising telehealth services can be a challenge for both the practice and patients. Practices often aren’t setup to run fully digitally and telehealth can be intimidating to patients who are accustomed to going to in-person appointments and are perhaps unfamiliar with modern tele-conferencing software. Patients have hesitations about telehealth services that are understandable. A successful marketing and advertising campaign will convince timid patients that telehealth services can be just as effective as in-person appointments for many treatments.

Telehealth Offers Many Advantages

The truth is, telehealth has been on the horizon as a main stream service offering for quite a few years. It offers advantages to in-person appointments (for some medical services). Telehealth appointments help cutback on overhead expenses for the practice and offer convience and accessiblity to patients who may have restricted mobility or other limitations inhibiting them from being able to make it into the practice. Again, a successful marketing and advertising campaign will help hesitant patients get excited by the possibilities of digital healthcare instead of fearing its novalty.

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