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Successful Theta Burst Stimulation Advertising that Attracts New Patients


M.Ad specializes in managing high return-on-investment advertising campaigns for medical health practitioners who offer Theta Burst Stimulation. The unparalleled success of our advertising campaigns is largely thanks to our meticulous research not only on the treatment itself but on the demographics of people who tend to be interested in it. We conduct daily research on industry news which helps us determine who the people seeking Theta Burst Stimulation are and the best ways to market to them.


We Can Help You Find Patients Who Need Theta Burst Stimulation


Our iron-clad personas reflect demographic research that makes our advertising campaigns wildly successful for our clients. Theta Burst Stimulation is a unique medical treatment to advertise because it poses some unique challenges from an advertising perspective. While the treatment is FDA approved there is a lack of knowledge among consumers about the treatment and benefits it provides. While some simply don’t know what TMS is, others are intimidated by the concept of brain stimulation despite the fact that it is less invasive than the alternative. Furthermore, although the ‘parent’ treatment transcranial magnetic stimulation is covered by insurance providers it is sometimes more difficult to secure coverage for TBS simply because TBS is a newer variation that insurance providers are not yet familiar with. When we craft an advertising campaign for TBS we know how to overcome these challenges and to reach and educate the people who could benefit most from Theta Burst Stimulation.


Generate 30 More Calls for Theta Burst Stimulation per Month


The accounts we manage that advertise Theta Burst Stimulation are delivering our clients 40+ phone calls a month which translates to 20+ new patients or revenue of at least $20K depending on whether those patients are coming-in for infusions or follow-up appointments. This data is not including ‘referrals’ from those new patients nor does it take into account the ‘lifetime average revenue’ of these patients. This is simply a snapshot of what our clients are making each month through our account management services.


We Do Not Trap Our Clients in Contracts – We Deliver them Results they Can’t Find Elsewhere.


Our clients have not experienced success with online advertising to the degree that they have with us. That is why they leave other advertising agencies to work with us and that is why they choose us again and again with our low-pressure ‘month-to-month’ contracts. We don’t trap our clients, we deliver them results they can’t find elsewhere.


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