Enhanced Organic Rankings and Control of Online Reviews

M.Ad is always looking to improve our service offering. Organic rankings and online review management are two areas of online practice management that we constantly get inquiries about. We’ve partnerd with WebMD and Vitals.com to offer a special new service that covers both of these areas.

Harness the Unbeatable Ranking Clout of WebMD

The WebMD directory receives 14 million customer visits per month. Because of the tremendous ranking clout that the entire WebMD directory has with Google and other search engines, WebMD doctor profiles are often top ranking organic search listings when developed properly. M.Ad is working with WebMD and Vitals.com to offer the setup and development of these profiles but with new enhanced features that allow us to track performance of the profile month-over-month.

  • Access 14 million customer visits on WebMD per month
  • Concentrate and manage online reviews on WebMD
  • Top of page placement
  • Highlighted phone number
  • Call-tracking
  • Request appointment
  • Link to your website

 Improve Search Engine Rankings

 Manage Online Reviews

 Track Call Volumes