Practice Name: Genesis TMS & Wellness
Location: Fairfax, Virginia
Expansion: Alexandria, VA

Genesis TMS & Wellness, a leading psychiatric practice in Fairfax, Virginia, has successfully expanded its services by incorporating Neurostar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy. This case study highlights the journey of their TMS clinic launch, their expansion to two new locations, and the impact of their digital marketing strategies.



Genesis TMS & Wellness began as a psychiatric practice focused on providing comprehensive mental health services. Recognizing the growing need for alternative treatments for depression and other psychiatric conditions, the practice decided to introduce Neurostar TMS therapy, a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment for depression that had shown promising results.

Here’s Where M.Ad Came In


M.Ad completed a gorgous new website design for Genesis TMS & Wellness to promote the TMS part of their practice. The site is HIPAA compliant and meets Neurostars requirements to be eligible for full ad-spend reimbursement through their co-op program. This involved direct communication with Neurostar’s marketing team to make sure the site was approved so that all ad spend could be reimbursed to the client through Neurostar TMS’s Free Co-Op program

Launch and Expansion


Initial Launch in Fairfax:
The initial launch of the TMS clinic in Fairfax was met with considerable success! M.Ad met and exceeded forecasted lead generation estimates. The practice also leveraged its existing patient base and local community connections to spread awareness about TMS therapy. They organized informational sessions and collaborated with local healthcare providers to educate them about the benefits of TMS.

Expansion to Alexandria:
Building on the success of the Fairfax clinic, within two years of opening Genesis TMS & Wellness expanded its TMS services to Alexandria, VA, and another location. This expansion was driven by high patient demand and the effectiveness of their initial marketing strategies.

Marketing and Digital Strategy


Google Analytics Insights:

  • Users and New Users: Over the last 12 months, the website attracted 2.1K users, all of whom were new visitors. This indicates a successful reach to potential patients who were previously unaware of the practice.
  • Traffic Sources: The majority of the traffic came from paid search (1.4K sessions) and direct visits (915 sessions), demonstrating the effectiveness of their paid advertising and strong brand presence.
  • Top Pages: The most viewed pages included the homepage (2.3K views), the “About Us” section (484 views), and service-specific pages like “TMS for Depression” (201 views).

Google Search Console Insights:

  • Search Performance: The practice’s website had 191 total clicks and 3.8K total impressions with an average CTR of 5% over the last 16 months. Key queries driving traffic included “genesis tms,” “tms therapy near me,” and “tms therapy.”
  • Top Queries: High-performing search queries indicated a strong interest in TMS services and effective SEO strategies targeting relevant keywords.

Success Metrics


  • Patient Engagement: The practice saw a significant increase in patient engagement, with an average engagement time of 42 seconds per session. This indicates that visitors were interested in the content and spent time learning about TMS therapy.
  • Conversion and Growth: Integration of a CRM with Genesis TMS and Wellness’ Practice Management software is on the horizon to better track the lead-to-patient ratio. In the first few years of opening the goal was to fill the first TMS practice, prove a model for success so it could be replicated (which it was in their second location in Alexandria). Genesis TMS & Wellness is well on their way to monopolizing the TMS market in the state of Virginia. 

Challenges and Learnings


Challenge: Converting Online Interest to Revenue
While the practice achieved significant online engagement, converting this interest into revenue remains a challenge. Strategies to address this include enhancing the website’s call-to-action elements, offering online booking options, and implementing targeted follow-up communications.

Learning: Importance of Continuous Optimization
The insights from Google Analytics and Search Console highlight the importance of continuous optimization. Regularly reviewing performance data and adjusting strategies is crucial for maintaining and improving patient acquisition and engagement.


Our Take-Away’s: A Major Win for M.Ad


Genesis TMS & Wellness proved our grasp on medical marketing and healthcare advertising is second to none. We can work with a practice to develop a suite of digital properties to drive revenue from start-to-finish. Developing a funnel and system for new TMS patient lead generation that supports the launch of not one TMS clinic but multiple. 


If You’re Looking to Launch your Own TMS Clinic in Virginia or Elsewhere – Reach Out – We can Build the Same Engine For You.