Conventional digital advertising is an excellent medium for consumer products and services, but medical advertising is a different story. Search engines often filter certain keywords and limit marketing activities that they feel can create liability and lead to unlicensed and irresponsible practitioners.

For qualified professionals, this presents a barrier in terms of the optimal way to engage users through their online searches. One of the trickiest things to manage in health care advertising is how to present the call to action. If a keyword or phrase invokes a sense of urgency, it can potentially scare off a prospective patient.

How M.Ad Can Help Identify Emotional Keywords

M.Ad understands important nuances in the medical advertising space that connects prospective patients and qualified providers. We have a keen working knowledge of the keywords and phrases that are often blocked, along with experience in both the American and Canadian markets which can be different in important ways.

One strategy that we employ is to create advertisements and structured advertising campaigns that pair keywords with specific emotional connections. Searchers frequently use emotional keywords—in essence how they are feeling at the moment– to seek online guidance in terms of care and providers. With younger searchers, we often find that they need additional refinement in terms of translating their raw, emotional keyword searches into an actionable care plan.

Planning Your Healthcare Advertising

Since digital healthcare advertising is not as straightforward as other forms of advertising, planning your advertising strategy takes a bit more forethought. M.Ad provides deep insight into the digital advertising realm, and we have created successful campaigns for an array of health care service providers. Please contact us to discuss how we can work on refining your outreach to achieve your practice objectives.