Digital marketing data analysis indicates that prospective patients appear to be curious about emerging psychadelic treatments that are being introduced to the market.

The “tripping” and recreational drug use stigma for psychedelics is being acitvely displaced by a new paradigm that offers healing sessions that are expertly monitored by qualified medical professionals. The considerable marketing efforts going into communicating that, with proper supervision, psychedelics can be administered in controlled doses that support traditional mental health care routines, appear to be hitting home with consumers.

Our data analysis also indicates that many people are informationally searching and reading about the benefits of guided psychedelic treatments before reaching out to a provider. The market appears to be accepting psychedelic treatments as emerging therapeutic options that can be used regularly, much like medical spa treatments or physiotherapy.

Psychedelics Help an Array of Mental Health Disorders

Generalized anxiety disorder, trauma and depression are some of core mental health problems that are being with the new paradigm of Psychedelics. Providers often parse treatment in three phases, including a preparation session prior to administering the drug, followed by an integration session that processes the insights and results from the session.

A New Wave of Providers for Psychedelics

Many leading groups in this space are taking an integrative approach to wellness, giving patients the option for one-on-one guided or small group sessions. The overall experience is informed by an emphasis on human interaction and a firm knowledge base of Psychedelics, dosing, and the necessary preparation to ensure the experience meets the needs of the patient.

With 82% of Canadians supporting controlled legal access to psilocybin-assisted therapy for palliative and end-of-life care, it is clear that there is demand for this powerful form of therapy. For your growing practice in Psychedelics, M.Ad can provide expert advice on how to optimize your digital advertising budget. We look forward to speaking with you.