For intractable mental health problems, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is bringing quick relief to many Canadians. TMS uses a special helmet that sits comfortably on a patient’s head and transmits gentle magnetic impulses to stimulate parts of the brain. Most patients experience very positive results within several weeks and no systemic side effects. Unlike traditional antidepressants, TMS stimulates previously inactive neurons.

Approved for treatment-resistant depression by Health Canada in 2002, TMS is administered three to five days per week for a six-week period. In Canada, antidepressant use is among the highest in the world and has spiked during the pandemic. In one troubling study from 2006, it was found that remission rates keep going down if patients are switched from one unsuccessful medication to the next.

TMS Providers in Canada are Growing

In keeping wih a growing trend for private pay medical services, smaller providers like BrainStim are starting to reach a wider audience. For emerging practices, it is vital to establish a presence in the market through an effective digital marketing and branding strategy. M.Ad focuses on a data and content-oriented approach to convert traffic to new clients. We can optimize your short- and long-term objectives to provide a seamless approach to digital touchpoints and marketing.

TMS Practice Growth in Canada

One observable trend for TMS practice in Canada is that AchieveTMS has grown rapidly and is dominating the market to date. What this means for smaller providers is that there is a window to become more proactive in terms of customer outreach and education.

For practioners who are not yet licensed to provide TMS services, the licensing procedure is similar to that in the US with a few differences, so it is by no means insurmountable. If you are an established or emerging TMS provider, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can assist you in growing your practice.