Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a Growing Market

The TMS market is expected to continue growing according to a research report published by Orbis Research in early March 2018. In the report they forecast noteworthy market growth up until 2023. The “report focused on the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulators (TMS) in global markets, especially in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa”. In their study they considered a wide array of TMS machine manufacturers including: Neuronetics, Yiruide, Magstim, Brainsway, Neurosoft, eNeura, MagVenture, Remed and Nexstim which makes the research applicable to nearly every TMS provider.

Patient Education is the Greatest Challenge When it Comes to Marketing TMS

Patient education is one of the greatest barriers to marketing TMS and related services like TBS. In most cases patients don’t know the treatment exists and if they’ve heard of it they have a hard time understanding how it works. Attractive phrases like “drug-free”, “non-invasive”, “covered by most insurance providers” will often bring the potential patients through to the website to read more about the treatment. But, even at that point they’ll likely need at least a couple phone calls to fully understand enough about the treatment to convert. Try to blog about TMS as frequently as you can to circulate current data about case studies, insurance coverage, best practices or treatable conditions.

Which Marketing Channels to Use for TMS Marketing

Google AdWords is a very effective marketing channel for most medical services including TMS. As mentioned above, the greatest challenge is patient education, therefore, it’s not enough to target only “TMS” phrases, you’ll also have to target neighboring keywords like “depression treatment”, “anxiety treatment”, “chronic pain treatment”. Remember to incorporate those ‘trigger’ phrases mentioned above like ‘drug-free’, ‘insurance covered’ etc. in either your call-out extensions or your ad descriptions. It’s also important to make sure you have a page on your website specifically dedicated to TMS. You can use this page to point your ads to and also to help rank your website organically for TMS related keywords.

Use Your TMS Machine’s Brand Name to Your Advantage

Don’t forget to also use your TMS machine’s brand name to your advantage. There’s heavy search volume for most TMS manufacturers brand names, particularly the larger ones like “Neurostar”, ” MagVita”, and “Brainsway”. You should be incorporating the brand name of the machine you have in-office in your ads. You should also make sure your practice is listed as a TMS provider on the manufacturers website.

In Summary:

  1. Educate potential patients through frequent blogging.
  2. Attract new TMS patients by advertising on Google Adwords.
  3. Use ‘trigger words’ like “drug-free”, “insurance covered”, “non-invasive” to encourage searchers to take action.
  4. Target neighboring keywords like “depression treatment” in addition to specific keywords like “TMS treatment”.
  5. Use your TMS machine’s brand name as frequently as possible in your marketing initiatives.
  6. Develop a designated “TMS” page on your website with everything a potential patient would want to know about TMS prior to calling for an appointment. Point your ads to this page and keep it in your site map so it helps earn your site organic rankings for TMS related keywords.