3 Years of Consistent Advertising Performance

M.Ad has had the tremendous fortune to work with this psychiatric practice over the past three years – well before the ‘ketamine boom’. Our client knew of the incredible potential the treatment had and wanted to get a clinic setup that would offer the treatment the way it should be offered – before mass commercialization hit. M.Ad worked extensively with this client on their website, their organic presence and their advertising efforts both online and in-person. The clinic was perfectly poised to succeed when the news of ketamine as a psychiatric treatment started to spread. Our client has thrived and M.Ad is thrilled to have played a small part. Our client now holds the dominant presence in the state of Connecticut for Ketamine treatment. Some monthly average KPI’s (from the past 3 years) are summarized below:

Monthly Average KPI’s Based on 3 Years of Consistent Data





Leads (Phone and Form)


Conversion Rate

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