Ketamine Treatment for Depression – Meet the True North Strong and Free

From surgical anesthetic to the club drug known as “Special K,” Ketamine has been used for a variety of purposes, some legal, and some not. In the US, the FDA has approved Ketamine for use in treating depression—specifically what is known as Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD).

In Canada, adoption of Ketamine for depressed patients has been slower to take shape, but is gaining momentum. Led by a team at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center in Ottawa under the direction of Dr. Pierre Blier, Canadian researchers are learning that Ketamine can transform the lives of individuals who do not respond to SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor).

Ketamine Treatment for Depression is Coming to Canada!

Although Ketamine is not approved yet in Canada for psychiatric use, some practitioners have began to use it in small doses for severely depressed patients, including those with suicidal ideation. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto is one of the first clinics in the country using low-dose Ketamine as an infusion treatment. Today, the cost per treatment is approximately $750CN, and they are not covered by provincial health plans.

As of Q2 in 2019, Health Canada is performing a priority review of a newer form of Ketamine known as Esketamine that is taken through a nasal applicator. As a generic drug lacking the financial backing of pharmaceutical companies, Ketamine studies have taken a comparatively long time to develop. Six Canadian cities are also participating in an international study of the efficacy of Esketamine.

M.Ad – Offering Valuable Insight to Medical Groups Pioneering the Ketamine Industry in Canada

M.Ad is thrilled to be helping a group in Ontario, Canada navigate the establishment of a series of private ketamine clinics dedicated to providing treatment under the supervision of a psychiatrist and educating the public about this incredible treatment. Because M.Ad manages the largest number of ketamine advertising accounts in the United States we’re in an excellent position to offer insights on the market, advertising approaches that work and those that do not.

If the success of IV Ketamine for treatment-resistant depression that we’ve witnessed spread across the United States is any indicator, Ketamine has incredible potential offer hope and healing to many Canadians.