In the highly sensitive world of addiction and rehabilitation services, Legit Script Certification is an essential qualification for practitioners who wish to advertise on digital platforms. While Legit Script Certification is available in a number of countries, including the US, it is not yet available for Canadian addiction and rehabilitation service providers.


 Keywords and Landing Pages are Restricted without Legit Script Certification


Absent certification, rehabilitation and service providers in Canada have been forced to use advertising copy that uses alternate keywords that do not directly target individuals seeking rehabilitation. Words like “trauma” and phrases like “trauma therapy” are used as substitutes for more specific language relating to problems with addiction.


In addition to severely limiting keywords, providers without Legit Script Certification are restricted to using stripped-down landing pages that do not properly convey essential information about addiction treatment services.


Overall, the limitations imposed by Google on licensed rehabilitation providers in Canada means that they do not have the means to reach many people who desperately need their services. This is in sharp contrast to the US, where providers with Legit Script Certification can directly target prospective patients with specific addiction services language along with providing robust landing pages with detailed information about patient engagement. This information includes delineation between different types of addiction and service pathways.


Reaching People Who are Struggling with Addiction in Canada (and Actively Looking for Treatment) Should not be Restricted


As a digital advertising consultant to provider groups in both Canada and the US, M.Ad has observed that account performance is dramatically better in the US where Legit Script Certification is available. Our hope is that Google and Canada can provide licensed providers the same pathway to certification north of the border and serve prospective patients in a deserving manner.