Tele-Medicine Opens Doors for Patients and Practitioners

Part of our work here at M.Ad is to dig through search-data looking for new ways to market services to interested audiences. We’ve noticed tele-medicine growing as a search term for the past six months or so and we’re excited when we encounter any business that making in-roads with the new technologies available. With 7 out of 10 Canadians asserting that they would take advantage of virtual physician appointments, there is an enormous opportunity for digital health care solutions to broaden Canada’s offering to all of its citizens. Babylon by Telus Health, a collaboration between the Canadian health care provider Telus and global AI leader Babylon, is closing the gap with a suite of services that meet the needs of patients.

Healthcare: Anywhere

Changing technology and corresponding demand for adaptable and convenient access to clinical services, EMRs, and prescriptions, are opening new marketing channels for medical providers. Through its suite of offerings, Babylon by Telus is helping providers fill this demand.

Virtual care solutions can drive better outcomes, and streamline medical and wellness service offerings. Not only do patients gain quicker access, but digital solutions provide flexible access whether a patient is at home, at work, or while travelling.

Provider Channels and Babylon Solutions

For physicians, Babylon offers Med Access, a highly configurable EMR that provides web-based access to medical records. For Canadians, patient access to providers, EMRs, and billing information is enabled through a proprietary, Canadian mobile app. This is particularly valuable to rural patients and those with limited mobility who require non-emergency medical services.

App-supported health care solutions are gaining traction globally. The ubiquity of smartphones and devices like Fitbits are addressing the entire ecosystem of health care from appointment scheduling, diagnostics, billing, and prescription fulfillment. The key is that patient needs are being addressed at their desired point of contact: their digital devices.

Babylon by Telus Works by Connecting the Entire Healthcare Ecosystem

Babylon’s mission is to create accessible and affordable healthcare for all consumers. With multiple service offerings and technology that is available for people whenever and wherever they need it, Babylon by Telus is opening new marketing channels for medical service providers and optimizing medical care for patients.