Medical device marketers are responding to a shifting landscape for a field that is traditionally “high-touch”. By definition, medical devices are highly personal items that users prefer to try out in person. Conveying device utility, materials and quality can be very challenging for manufacturers seeking an online presence. With many people avoiding in-person shopping during the pandemic, this is the time to prioritize digital and direct marketing strategies to drive sales and revenue for your company.

M.Ad has an Established Leadership Position in Medical Device Marketing

M.Ad has expertly directed advertising campaigns for medical device manufacturers for over a decade. We understand the direct and indirect marketing tools needed for device manufacturers to succeed. What distinguishes us is our ability to leverage small advertising budgets into massive returns detailed in numerous case studies.

While direct advertising has traditionally been the most effective tool for online sales, we are seeing greater adoption of indirect tools such as social media, lead magnets and email campaigns used to drive referral sales.

Video Techniques are Key for Medical Manufacturers

Despite the fact that medical devices have been deemed essential and open to the public during the pandemic, product videos and photographs are vitally important to inform prospective purchasers. Products like wheelchairs, stair lifts, ventilators and other safety devices must convey a sense of security and connection with customers prior to a purchase commitment.

For complex products like defibrillators and ventilators, videos serve to educate consumers about expensive and potentially life-saving products.

Cost-per-Click Considerations

Cost-per-click (CPC) increases due to Amazon’s market dominance have made the medical device retail market extremely competitive.  Manufacturers are seeing their advertising budgets squeezed more than ever. If you are a small to mid-sized company seeking growth, it is essential to formulate a holistic advertising campaign that brings organic traffic to your site and that generates upstream and downstream leads.

M.Ad is proud to manage digital marketing portfolio sized at over $5mm and growing. We look forward to connecting with you to help plan your path to success through our proven approach to medical device marketing.