This client came to us in a difficult situation. With the Google Medic update in August of 2018, their organic rankings had been devastated and the drop in rankings had directly impacted the volume of calls they were getting. M.Ad developed an entire strategy focused around recovering their organic rankings as much as possibe. However, we also recommended they launch a Google Ads campaign to immediately re-establish some top-of-page rankings to get their new inquiry calls back up where they were previously. They had halted all advertising after running into penalties for using restricted drug terms in the wrong way. M.Ad was able to carefully rebuild their advertising account, without incurring penalties or flags and the account is now actively running and delivering new leads to all their Canada-wide locations daily. A summary of their account key-performance-indicators after just 1 month with the new account running is below:

Key Performance Indicators After 1 Month of Advertising with M.Ad:







Conversion Rate

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