It’s only the beginning of August 2019 and at M.Ad we’ve already received three different cries for help from frustrated business owners trapped in unfair web design and digital marketing contracts. In all three situations, the business owner is trapped with a website that they don’t have full control over and they have concerns over their ranking factors but no ability to make changes to their own web content.

We’ve written about this before but Proprietary Web Design Services, Custom Content Management Systems and Hosting Resellers are three of the most important ‘traps’ to watch out for in the Digital Marketing industry and particularly in the Medical Marketing industry. The medical field is fast paced and website updates and content edits happen almost daily. It’s in everyone’s best interests that customers (medial professionals and their staff) have full admin-access to their own web properties.

A Waste of Time, Resources and Valuable Data

In all three of the instances mentioned above, the business owner will likely have to get their website rebuilt from scratch on an open-source platform – it’s a costly endeavor in every sense of the word and a waste of time, resources and the valuable data that could have been collected and analyzed on the existing web property.

M.Ad is Different

After years of working with other agencies and witnessing vulnerable businesses become ensnared by these unnecessary ploys – I decided M.Ad was going to offer a different experience for our customers. We don’t trap our customers in long-term contracts and all of our services are month-to-month. If you’re feeling trapped or you suspect you don’t truly have full-access to your web properties feel free to reach out to us. We can’t guarantee these business assets can be recovered but we can at least help get you on-track and in-control of your digital business.