Using Bing Ads to Generate Referrals using Bing’s new LinkedIn Profile Targeting

Microsoft’s new features in Bing Ads offer the biggest opportunity in medical advertising in at least 5 years. It is no secret that digital advertising is a highly competitive realm. For many businesses, it is an ongoing struggle to achieve the maximum return on their advertising budget, particularly if they are too small to have in-house marketing specialists. Whether you outsource digital services or manage the process yourself, Bing’s targeted LinkedIn profile advertising platform is a huge step forward for B2B advertisers. If you are a B2B advertiser who has struggled to get your ads in front of the right audience, Bing now has a means to tailor your advertising in a strategic way that provides the best return on your investment.

Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn Provides Three Profile Targets

After its $26bn acquisition of LinkedIn in 2016, Microsoft worked diligently to create a targeted advertising platform for its browser Bing. The new platform takes LinkedIn’s vast array of data and allows advertisers to created searches based on any or all of the following:

  • Company
  • Industry
  • Job function

Once the initial targeting is set, advertisers can then adjust their bids for different professional, corporate and geographic profiles. Bid adjustments can be made in a range between +900% to -90%. The targeting process works as an enhancement: if you target a specific group that is searching or shopping online, your ads will not be prevented from reaching groups outside your search criteria.

Putting Bing Ads in Motion is Simple and Highly Effective

In a move that sets Microsoft Ads apart from Google Ads – advertising campaigns in Bing can now target age, gender, company, industry and job function specifics. The enhanced targeting has been so successful that it drove LinkedIn revenue up 37% in for 2020 versus 2019.

With over 80,000 companies, 145 industries and hundreds of job functions that can be targeted, the enhanced Bing and Linkedin advertising platform has proven to be a boon to B2B advertising to source and convert accurate leads. The data analytics provided by the new platform give it a significant leg up versus Google ads, which do not have nearly the same breadth of targeting options.

M.Ad understands that a nuanced and targeted approach translates to customer success. We focus on delving into analytics to ensure that your advertising budget is optimized and look forward to your inquiries about the best approach for your practice.

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